Human Resources

This section provides JPOs  with information on administrative and procedural aspects of the JPO Programme.

The JPOSC provides online tools to help the JPOs handle their HR-related questions, whether they are in country offices or in headquarters locations.

It is important to note that the JPO recruitment process will take time (usually 4 to 5 months to be completed due to the large number of applicants).  The final recruitment process will consist of the interview process where the short-listed applicants will be interviewed by UN personals.  The entire recruitment process will be supervised by the UNDP.

Suggested links to key circulars, forms or web pages are also indicated, should the user need more detailed information.

The following benefits and entitlements apply to all assigned UNDP & affiliated UN agencies.

IMPORTANT: UN Common System Compensation Reform – JULY 1, 2016

Please familiarise yourself with latest information on the reform to the UN Common System Compensation package for UN Staff Members affecting Benefits and Entitlements:

International Civil Service Commission (ICSC) website with information on the Compensation Reform (includes recorded Webinars)

Click here to estimate your compensation package

Click Here for short-guide to interviews

FAQ on the new Compensation Package