1. Are the JPO posts only for Kuwaiti citizens?

Yes, applicants must be Kuwaiti citizens.

2. Are women allowed to apply?

Yes. The UN is an equal opportunity employer and women are certainly encouraged to apply for these JPO posts.

3. What is the maximum age limit?

Applicants must be aged 34 years or younger at the time of submitting their application.

4. Can I apply for more than one post?

Yes, there is no limit on the number of posts for which you may apply. You are encouraged to apply for any post for which you are eligible and in which you are interested.  However, candidates will be shortlisted for a maximum of two posts each.

5. When is the deadline for submission of applications?

The deadline for applications is midnight Saturday 24th November 2018.

6. How do I apply?

Please go the vacancies page at JPO Kuwait website

After reading the Terms of Reference (TOR) and ensuring that you are eligible for consideration for the post, please click the ‘Apply Now’ button, which will automatically direct you to the relevant application page on the global UNDP website. There you will complete a short online form with your personal details (name, date of birth, nationality etc.), and write a short application letter and your CV. You can copy and paste these documents from your computer. You will also have an opportunity to directly upload your CV. An email will then be sent to your email address confirming your application.

7. Why do I have to apply online and submit my CV electronically?

The UN recruitment system is an online system to ensure efficiency and transparency. Computer and internet skills are a prerequisite for employment in the UN. Please do not send your application to the UNDP Kuwait as the office cannot accept applications and they will not be recorded in the official process. Applications must be submitted via the online system.

8. Why do I have to apply in English?

The UNDP global application system is in English. This is the official working language for all the offered posts and thus fluency in written and spoken English is a prerequisite for selection. Some posts also require or prefer additional official UN languages, including Arabic, French and Spanish.

9. Why do some TORs require a masters’ degree and others require a bachelors’ degree?

The TORs are written by the office that is seeking the JPO, so each TOR specifies what the office needs in a future recruit. However, most posts will consider candidates who possess a bachelors’ degree and have completed at least four years relevant work experience, on an exceptional basis. Also, each post advertised has distinct responsibilities thus the qualifications, experience and skills required will depend on the individual post.

10. Is the Government responsible for the recruitment?

This is a joint Government of Kuwait – UNDP Kuwait initiative. The Government is directly involved throughout the process: it selected the range of posts to be advertised and will select the final 10 posts to be funded. The Government will be involved in the longlisting and shortlisting process and will agree on the candidates to be included in those lists. However, the interviews for the shortlisted candidates and the final decision as to the successful candidate will be conducted by UNDP’s JPO programme focal point including a representative of the office recruiting the JPO.

11. Will I receive a response?

Unfortunately, due to the large number of applications, UNDP Kuwait is only able to contact those candidates progressing to the next round of the recruitment process.

12. If I am recruited, can I take my spouse and children with me?

Yes, under UN rules, spouses and children can accompany the JPO to any duty station classified as a family duty station (all vacancies offered under this programme are in family duty stations). The UN will facilitate issuance of the necessary visas.

13. How much is the salary?

The salary and other benefits will depend on the particular post (due to difference in cost of living between posts) and whether the successful candidate has a dependent spouse and children. More details on the salary and conditions of service can be found on the Human resources page or the JPO global website www.jposc.org.

14. If I am selected for the post, when would I start work?

At this stage it is expected that candidates will be at their duty stations by the mid/end of April 2018 but candidates will be permitted to fulfill their notice obligations under Kuwaiti law.

15. Is this job for one year or two years?
The initial offer will be for 12 months. Depending on several factors, including satisfactory performance in the post, the JPO may be offered a contract renewal for a further 12 months.

16. Will the JPO post lead to a permanent position in the UN?

No. JPO positions do not guarantee permanent employment but they do enable the JPO to gain valuable skills and expertise that will assist them in applying for other jobs in the UN at the end of their assignment, if they so choose.

17. What are the training benefits?

Each JPO will have training opportunities including an orientation period and continuous on the job training during their employment.  More details can be found at www.jposc.org.

18. Are the JPO posts only for jobs outside Kuwait?

Yes, the Jobs offered are allocated overseas.