Suliman Al-Atiqi was a Programme Analyst working at the Istanbul International Centre for Private Sector in Development, an emerging priority area for the UN in fostering international cooperation. Suliman explains some of the opportunities he enjoys: “Now that I have understood and adapted to the Center’s vision and objectives, what I am excited about most is leveraging my professional and academic experience to increase the efficiency of the Center and contribute something original, marking my presence in an institution that is fundamentally innovative and inclusive of all public and private potential partners. By working directly on projects aimed at capacity building, I am developing my professional experience by increasing my knowledge about the various developmental trends, themes and challenges facing our world today. More importantly, I am learning about how research and knowledge is translated into actionable partnerships; particularly those with the private sector.”
Suliman holds B.A. in Business Admin (International Studies) from AUK,  M.A. in Physiology from Colombia University, and M.A. in International Affairs from Florida State University.  Suliman started his JPO assignment on April, 2013 and finished on October, 2014.  He is now continuing his PhD studies at Oxford University.

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― JPO Suliman Al-Atiqi