For any young Kuwaitis considering applying to the 2017 JPO recruitment round, Yumn Almufarrej, Programme Analyst working in Local Development and Inclusive Finance in UNDP Headquarters in New York has these words of encouragement: “This is an exceptional opportunity on dually professional and personal levels… The programme eventually opens a window of professional opportunities to its participants such as getting mainstreamed in the organisation later on and increasing Kuwait’s representation in the United Nations, returning back home and contributing to advancing our country’s development agenda while strengthening its governance structure, pursuing a career in international development with other multilateral organisations, or alternatively pursuing further graduate studies and seeking an academic career.”
Yumn holds B.A. degree in Business Administration from Boston University, and M.A. degree in Public Administration from Dubai School of Government, she had started her JPO assignment on May, 2013 and finished on May, 2015.  Yumn now is a full-time staff at UN-BPPS as Policy Analyst – Quality Assurance in New York – USA.

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― JPO Yumn Almufarrej